The Process

The aluminum alloy to be foamed is prepared as a powder and mixed with titanium hydride powder, which acts as a foaming agent. A sandwich is made with standard sheet metal and, through several steps of rolling and heating, the layers are compacted and the foaming process is carried out. In this way, a metallurgical bond (no adhesives or other materials) is formed between the foam and the face sheets.

This process differs from the competition, in that it eliminates several process steps, and enables the reliable production of high-quality aluminum foam precursor materials in large volumes, and at competitive costs, by simplifying the production equipment and switching from a batch to a continuous process. 

The newly developed aluminum foam composites by Compofoam, distinguishes itself from other technologies since its foam materials reach densities that are 35% higher than the parent metal while maintaining the essential mechanical properties of the parent material.

In addition, this technology offers homogeneous cell structure, well controlled fine bubble structure, closed cell for high rigidity and compression resistance.